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Air Falcon is managed by dedicated corporate jet pilots committed to the core values of friendliness, reliability and simplicity.  A wealth of experience operating jets within Europe is ready to assist your journey wherever you wish to go.

Our Pledge

Air Falcon will only ever agree to operate charters that it can guarantee to complete according to your schedule.   Our pride is being able to undertake very competitive work without compromising our core values of friendliness, reliability and simplicity.  

Air Falcon is not interested in making money at your expense by selling ‘dead legs’, instead it minimalizes the need for flying back to base with an empty aircraft by dispensing of a fixed base, effectively marrying different jobs together, back to back.  Air Falcon charters are intelligently planned to minimalize the need for expensive, empty positioning sectors. This policy guarantees the best value for our passengers and maximises aircraft load factor.

Our aircraft are operated solely for charter, you will never be ‘bumped’ or delayed for an owner flight!  Our historical operating reliability to date is our guarantee.  If for whatever reason we are unable to get you to your destination, we guarantee to quickly find a replacement aircraft or your money back.

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