Our Schedule

Air Falcon is ready to help you to wherever and whenever you wish to travel.  Simply tell us where and when you need to travel and we will find the quickest, cheapest and easiest route to take.  These typical trips may help you to get a picture of what is possible but we encourage you to call anytime to discuss individual plans.

Typical trips suited to the Citation Bravo:

5 Hours flying at 345 MPH with up to 2 passengers eg Paris to Santorini/Manchester to Marrakech
4 hours flying at 345 MPH with up to 5 passengers eg Aberdeen to Faro/London to Moscow
3 hours flying at 430 MPH with up to 6 passengers eg London to Faro/London to Palermo
2 hours flying at 430 MPH with up to 7 passengers eg London to Nice/London to Barcelona
1 hour flying at 430 MPH with up to 7 passengers eg London to Dublin/Paris to Manchester

For every passenger carried in excess of two, simply deduct their corresponding weight in fuel, therefore, we can depart with full fuel, two passengers and bags and travel maximum range 1725 statute miles.  If we add two average males with bags we simply deduct 424 lbs of fuel, approximately 35 minutes of flight time or 230 miles.  

Typically, the Bravo is perfect for 5 adults, 5 sets of golf clubs and 5 soft sided sports bags carried up to 4 hours into/out of short airfields such as Dundee.  We can carry sporting weapons and munitions, we can carry pets, wheel chairs, motorised mobility scooters and many other everyday items.   On many occasions, passengers have provided a photograph of bulky items with dimension to ensure carriage.

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